Development of a Linked Simulation Network to Evaluate Intelligent Transportation System Vehicle to Vehicle Solution

by | Dec 16, 2020

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Infrastructure to Vehicle (I2V) technologies promise significant advances in roadway safety, but the prolonged timeline for migration to these technologies suggest turbulent decades of driving safety research to come. To answer the ongoing question of how ITS based evolution of the driving environment will impact The Vehicle Fleet and the driving public, simulation based driver research will be necessary. Unfortunately, traditional single-seat simulators are not well suited to answer questions about networked ITS systems, which inherently involve multiple actors. Multiple seat driving simulators (MSDS), in which drivers interact in a single virtual environment, is argued to be the solution. Details of the ongoing development of the Real-time Multiple Seat Simulator (RMSS) at The University of Central Florida are presented, and implications of this and futures linked simulation installations discussed.

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