Dr. Sawyer is an applied neuroscientist and human factors engineer known for using brainwaves, eye movements, and mathematical theory to build better human-machine teams. His models and algorithms power trustworthy machines that work with their human partners. His design recommendations are leveraged by Fortune 500 companies. His work has been covered by Forbes, Reuters, Fast Company, and The BBC, and more.

The Great Typography Bake-off: Comparing Legibility At-a-glance


There is presently no accepted scientific method for comparing font legibility under time-pressure, in ‘glanceable’ interfaces such as automotive displays and smartphone  notifications…

Glanceable, legible typography over complex backgrounds


Modern digital interfaces display typeface in ways new to the 500 year old art of typography, driving a shift in reading from primarily long-form to increasingly short-form. In safety-critical settings, such…

Neurosecurity: Human Brain Electro-optical Signals as MASINT


Applied neuroscience presently allows not only the scientific discovery-oriented probing of the inner workings of the mind, but increasingly the probing of individual minds toward gathering…