The team had just solidified our product and some of the details the previous class (in which we managed to accidentally combine two team members’ ideas into one that gave the product both a focus and made it actually enjoyable and dignified to use). Today, we went over our feedback we received from two older relatives about if they would use the product, potential problem points, and any part of their experience that would help us in designing our product. We decided what our presentation deliverables would be (drawings and a rough prototype), and how we might build the prototype. We also considered the variable sizes and weights of our users, and compared two different mechanism methods that could achieve the same end result. We ended up choosing one that may require more battery power but less physical effort and results in a potentially flatter design, which makes the entire product more discreet. We designed placement of several buttons to initiate the required action, but have yet to consider the human factors approach of how to make them as intuitive as possible.