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Dr. Ben D. Sawyer is an applied neuroscientist and human factors engineer known for using brainwaves, eye movements, and mathematical theory to build better human-machine teams. His models and algorithms power trustworthy machines that work with their human partners. His design recommendations are leveraged by Fortune 500 companies. His work has been covered by Forbes, Reuters, Fast Company, and The BBC, and more.

Dr. Sawyer’s postdoctoral work at MIT was in collaboration with industry including Google, Jaguar-Landrover, Honda, DENSO, Monotype, and Panasonic. A two-time Repperger Research Fellow with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), he performed research with the 711th Human Performance Wing in both their Applied Neuroscience and Battlefield Acoustics (BATMAN group) divisions. He is a recipient of  The Human Factors Prize, for Cybersecurity researchThe K.U. Smith Award, for  consumer electronics work investigating driving distraction and Google Glass, and an  Outstanding Dissertation Award for work investigating the applied psychophysics of warfighter multitasking.

Dr. Sawyer is presently faculty in Industrial Engineering and Management Systems and the Institute for Simulation and Training at UCF, and the Director of LabX, an applied neuroscience group addressing human performance. In addition to academic pursuits, Dr. Sawyer provides consulting and expert witness  services in matters including distraction, attention, and error. He is the cofounder of Awayr, an AI startup within MIT’s The Engine.

In his leisure time, Ben enjoys adventure travel with his wife, swimming, sailing the Charles, and building things. He volunteers helping people to learn to repair their own things.  He does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person, and will now stop.

If you would like to get in touch, please do so at the contact form in my Consulting section, or at any email in one of my published papers.

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My (possibly) current CV can be found at my faculty profile.